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1507. Edited by Jimmy Armfield: All Stars Football Book No. 11

World Distributors, 1971: Lovely condition, price unclipped. Articles about Leeds United and all the great players of the time. 6.00

1505. Edited by Colin Todd: The All Stars Football Book No. 12

World Distributors, 1972 Good contents, price unclipped, complete spine 5.00

1504. Edited by Colin Todd: The All Stars Football Book No. 13

World Distributors 1973 Good contents, complete spine, price unclipped 5.00

1357. --: All Stars Football Book No. 13:

World Distributors, 1973: Contents good, pen marks on one page, corners bumped, price clipped hence only 5.00

1365. : All Stars Football Book 1977:

World Distributors, 1976: Very good with minor foxing on early pages, price clipped & no inscriptions 5.00

1356. --: All Stars Football Book No. 8

World Distributors, 1968: Very good throughout, inscription, many great features and photos. 7.00

727. Buchan, Charles: Soccer Gift Book 1964-65.

Longacre Press. Very good contents, spine complete but slightly tatty in places price unclipped & no inscriptions . Lovely bright cover with bumped corners shows Bobby Moore in action. 10.00

730. Buchan, Charles: Soccer Gift Book 1967-68.

Longacre Press. Excellent condition throughout, price unclipped & no inscriptions. Lovely issue from this year. 12.00

732. Buchan, Charles:  732.jpg (370541 bytes)    Soccer Gift Book 1970-71.

IPC Press. Lovely condition throughout. 1970 World Cup issue with no inscriptions and price unclipped. 9.00

733. Buchan, Charles:   733.jpg (355836 bytes)   Soccer Gift Book 1971-72.

IPC. Another superb condition Buchan's Annual. 8.00

734. Buchan, Charles: Soccer Gift Book. 1973

IPC. Lovely condition throughout. Best issue seen from this year. 8.00

1338. Burtenshaw, Norman: Whose side are you on Ref ?:

Sportsmans Book Club, 1974: Excellent condition throughout with dust jacket, price unclipped & no inscriptions. Interesting book from the legendary football referee. 8.00

1329. Busby, Matt: Soccer at the Top

Readers Union, 1974: Lovely hardback edition with price unclipped & no inscriptions with very good dust jacket about the great Manchester United manager. 9.00

1437. Charlton, Jack & Byrne, Peter: Jack Charlton - The Autobiography

Partridge Press, 1996: First edition in very good condition with dust jacket, price unclipped with 319 pages. SIGNED by the Leeds & England World Cup winner 25.00

1333. Dougan, Derek: On the Sport - Football as a Profession:

Readers Union, 1975: Lovely condition throughout with dust jacket, price unclipped & no inscriptions. 6.50

1123. Edited by Bobby Moore:: The Book of Soccer No.11:

Stanley Paul, 1968: Very good contents including article by Bobby Moore ' Can England retain the World Cup in Mexico ?'. 7.00

1130. Edited by David Coleman:: BBCtv Grandstand Sport:

Vernon Holding Ltd, 1965: Lovely contents, tatty, but complete dust jacket, price unclipped, inscription, scarce book with features on Manchester United, Virginia Wade, Lester Piggott etc 9.00

613. Edited by Colin Todd: All Stars Football Book No.13.

World Distributors, 1973. features on Bobby Moore, Rod Marsh, Nobby Stiles etc. 5.00

590. Edited by Jimmy Armfield: The All Stars Football Book No.11.

World Distributors, 1971. Very good throughout with articles by Joe Royle, John Hollins, Bobby Moncur etc. 5.00

588. Edited by Stratton Smith: International Football book No.13.

Souvenir Press, 1971. Everything you want to know of the foreign football scene at the start of the 70's. Articles by Best, Jairzinho, Riva etc. Slight wear on dust jacket otherwise very good throughout. 6.00

1340. Ellis, Arthur: The Final Whistle:

Stanley Paul, 1962: First edition, very good contents, complete dust jacket with minor wear. Price unclipped & no inscriptions. Book about the famous soccer referee. 8.00

1325. Flowers, Ron: For Wolves and England:

London: Stanley Paul, 196 This one is SIGNED by the England international.. First edition in very good condition for age, price unclipped & no inscriptions with complete dust jacket 12.00

612. -----: Football Champions 1969-70.

Purnell, 1970. Lovely issue, price clipped with articles on Celtic, Man. City, Everton etc. 6.00

1508. : Football Champions

Purnell, 1974 Very good issue, price clipped, no inscriptions. Features on all the greats of the day including Liverpool and Leeds 6.00

1517. Glanville, Brian: History of the World Cup

London: Times, 1973 First edition, softcover, name stamped inside, very good throughout. This is a marvellous account of the football World Cup from 1930-70. 8.00

1326. Glanville, Brian: Soccer - a Panorama

London: Sportsman's Book Club, 1970: Very good contents with complete dust jacket, no inscriptions & price unclipped 6.00

790. ------:  Goal 1973 - 790.jpg (351990 bytes)    Goal Football Annual 1973.

IPC. Lovely annual featuring Cloughie, Celtic, Keegan etc. Price unclipped and no inscriptions. 5.00

1486. Grayson, Edward: Corinthians & Cricketers

London: Sportsmans Book Club, 1957 Very interesting book on the soccer & cricket stars of the Victorian & Edwardian age, with15 black & white photos. Red cover, some browning, 248 pages, no inscriptions only 7.00

1342. Green, Geoffrey: Great Moments in Sport: Soccer:

Sportsmans Book Club, 1973: Excellent condition throughout with dust jacket. Price unclipped & no inscriptions. Author describes 33 British, European & World football matches. 9.00

1343. Guiney, David: The Dunlop Book of the World Cup:

Eastland Press, 1973: Superb condition of contents with very good dust jacket, price unclipped & no inscriptions. 9.00

1436. Halliday, Iain: Pierluigi Collina - The Rules of the Game:

Macmillan, 2003: First edition on the life of the world's most famous ref. Price clipped & no inscriptions. 7.00

1344. Hall, Willis: My Sporting Life:

Readers Union, 1975: Lovely condition throughout with dust jacket. Illustrations by Bill Tidy, price unclipped & no inscriptions 5.00

1434. Liversedge, Stan: Big Jack:- The Life and Times of Jack Charlton:

Publishing Corporation, 1994: First in excellent condition with dust jacket SIGNED on cover by Jack. 18.00

1435. Malam, Colin: Gary Lineker - A Biography

London: Stanley Paul, 1993: First edition with foreword by Bobby Charlton. Lovely condition with dust jacket, price unclipped & no inscriptions 5.00


609. -----: Match of the Day Annual 1981.

BBC 1980. Very good throughout, price clipped. Features Jimmy Hill, Kevin Keegan and the legendary 'Motty' in the days when the programme ruled the football TV schedules !. 5.00

1324. Meek, David: Anatomy of a Football Star : George Best

Sportsman's Book Club, 1971: Excellent contents with complete dust jacket. Very unusual book on the legendary player, George Best 12.00

1332. Miller, David: Father of Football - The Story of Matt Busby::

Sportsmans Book Club, 1972: Lovely contents, price unclipped & no inscriptions. Dust jacket complete with some foxing. 6.00

1432. Morris, Peter: The Team Makers - a Gallery of the great Soccer Managers:

Sportsmans Book Club, 1973: Excellent condition with dust jacket. Features on Busby, Chapman, Stein, Revie, Shankly, Catterick etc. 6.00

1431. Motson, John: Second to None - Great teams of Post-War Soccer:

Sportsmans Book Club, 1974: First British edition in lovely condition with dust jacket. Features on all the great teams from Hungary 1950 to Arsenal 1971. 6.00

1433. Mullery, Alan & Woolnough, Brian: An Autobiography:

Pelham Books, 1985: First edition in very good condition throughout with dust jacket, 186 pages, no inscriptions, price unclipped. 10.00

1328. Pardoe, Rex: The Battle of London- Arsenal v Tottenham

Sportsman's Book Club, 1973: Superb condition with dust jacket, price unclipped & no inscriptions. The full story of the rivalry between Spurs and Arsenal from the 1880's to the 1970's. Unusual & scarce book 15.00

1337. Parkinson, Michael: Sporting Fever:

Readers Union, 1975: Lovely condition throughout with dust jacket, price unclipped & no inscriptions. Articles on football, cricket, boxing etc 5.00

587. Plumb, Philip W: Football facts 1973.

Clipper Press. Wonderful history of game and lots of fascinating info with colour photos and brilliant hairstyles !. Lovely clean issue with no inscriptions. 7.00

788. Rushton, William: How to Play Football.

Hobbs, 1968. First edition, comic tale on footie with photo plates featuring Roy Hudd & Richard Ingram's. 5.00

1238. : Sportsview Book of Soccer No. 2:

Vernon Holdings, 1959: Edited by Peter Dimmock, contents interesting with articles on Jimmy Greaves & John Arlott's article on  Norwich City's Cup run. Foxing throughout with great, but tatty dust jacket. 8.00

597. Stock, Alec: Football Club Manager.

Routledge, 1967. First Edition , edited by Bryon Butler, of the manager of Q.P.R., Orient and Roma !. Complete with dust jacket, shows how the game has changed. 8.00

791. -----: The All Stars Football Book No.18.

World Distributors, 1978. Features on Liverpool, USA and articles by Mick Channon, Joe Jordan etc. 4.50

1127. --: The F.A. Book for Boys No.8:

Naldrett Press, 1955: Excellent contents with good dust jacket, 192 pages, brilliant articles on Programmes, boots and interview with the 18 year old Duncan Edwards and many other interesting items. 12.00

1262. --: The Sportsman's World of Soccer:

Marshall Cavendish, 1975: Large format in very good condition, edited by Martin Tyler. Price unclipped & no inscriptions. Marvellous history of the game, many colour photos. 9.00

1358. --: The Sun Soccer Annual 1972

World Distributors, 1971: Very good generally, inscription, price clipped, brilliant articles 5.00

1359. : The Sun Soccer Annual 1973:

World Distributors, 1972: Very good throughout, price unclipped & no inscriptions 5.00

1360. : The Sun Soccer Annual 1974: No. 4 

World Distributors, 1973: Very good throughout, inscription, great articles 5.00 

1361. : The Sun Soccer Annual 1975:

World Distributors, 1974: Very good, no inscriptions, price unclipped, features by many of the games greats 5.00

1506. : The Sun Soccer Annual 1978

Large format, half loose page, great colour photos of brilliant 1970's players. 5.00

1362. : The Sun Soccer Annual 1979:

City Magazines Ltd, 1978: Very good except page 1 tatty, price unclipped & no inscriptions. 5.00

1363. : The Sun Soccer Annual 1980:

Ring Publications, 1979: Very good throughout, price unclipped & no inscriptions 5.00

1364. : The Sun Soccer Annual 1981:

Ring Publications, 1980: Very good throughout, price unclipped & no inscriptions 5.00

1323. Thornton, Eric: Leeds United & Don Revie

Sportsman's Book Club, 1971: Excellent condition with dust jacket, no inscriptions, rare book 12.00

1472. : The Big Book of Football Champions

1961 Contents and cover very good for age. no inscriptions, articles on Spurs double team, World Cup, European Cup etc 7.00

1471. : The Big Book of Football Champions

LTA Robinson Ltd, 1959 Very good throughout with scarce dust jacket in lovely condition. articles on young Bobby Charlton and the marvellous Norwich City Cup run. Also the' transfer spiral' and who will be the first 50,000 player !! 20.00

1210. ---: The World Cup Official Programme Argentina 1978:

Acorn Sporting: Details of all the teams, 82 pages, summaries of all the previous ones, great adverts etc. Very collectable. 18.00

1260. --: Topical Times Football Book 1964-5:

D. C. Thomson: Very good contents, great features & photos from Scottish footie as well. Spine has small tears at top with dust jacket. 9.00

1259. --: Topical Times football Book 1966-7:

D. C. Thomson: Very good contents with George Best etc on cover dust jacket. Most of back dust jacket missing, no inscriptions. 7.00

1261. --: Topical Times Football Book 1967-8:

D.C. Thomson: Lovely contents, no inscriptions, dust jacket has wear & tear top and bottom but still looks great. 7.00

616. -----: Topical Times football Book 1969-70.

D.C. Thomson. Very good contents in slightly frayed dust jacket. 128 pages, 32 in colour, wonderful book. 6.00

1474. : Topical Times Football Book 1971-2

D. C. Thomson Very good throughout with great articles and photos. No inscriptions, red cloth 5.00

1475. : The Topical Times Football Book 1974-5

D. C. Thomson Very good throughout with no inscriptions - football from a different age 5.00

1334. Wall, Bob: Arsenal from the Heart:

Sportsmans Book Club, 1971: Excellent condition throughout for this scarce title with lovely dust jacket, price unclipped & no inscriptions. 22.00

1456. Walvin, James: The People's Game : A Social History of British Football

Readers Union, 1975 Lovely contents with clean dust jacket. Price unclipped & no inscriptions, great social history of the game from it's earliest days to the early 1970's  9.00

1331. Wilson, Bob: An Autobiography:

Readers Union, 1973: Scarce edition, price unclipped & no inscriptions. Very good dust jacket, minor browning but very good contents. 9.00


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