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257. ----:      Swastika at War.    Swastika at War.jpg (210415 bytes)

Futura Publications Ltd, 1975. A photographic record of the war as seen by the cameramen of the German magazine, 'Signal' Colour throughout, brilliant photos in this soft back book. 8.00

262. ------: First Aid in the Royal Navy.

London: Stationary Office, 1939. Small hardback with very clean & intact contents. Illustrated throughout, should cover every eventuality !. 6.00


608. --------:    The War Illustrated.    copy of war illustrated.jpg (274390 bytes)

1914-18. Twenty nine issues from the first world war period with 20 pages in each. In varying condition these are a very biased account of the conflict with fabulous black & white photos. Postage at cost. 30.00



We have numerous Churchill related books and ephemera. Please let me know what you are looking for. 0.00

996. Edited by Neil Ferrier:: Churchill - The Man of the Century:

Robinson Ltd, 1965: Very good contents, red dust jacket with small tears but complete. No inscriptions 5.00

997. Edited by Neil Ferrier:: Churchill - The Man of the Century:

Purnell, 1965: Very good contents, no inscriptions, price clipped. Tatty dust jacket of the famous war leader. 5.00

1421. : Atlantic Bridge

HMSO, 1945: Generally very good with complete cover, 75 pages. This is the official account of R.A.F. Transport Command's Ocean Ferry. 12.00

1427. : Bomber Command September 1939-July 1941:

HMSO, 1941: First issue, 128 pages, very good throughout, lots of details 12.00

1422. : Combined Operations 1940-2

HMSO, 1943: 144 pages, small issue, tatty but complete cover, no inscriptions, fascinating document 10.00

1419. : East of Malta West of Suez

London: His Majesty's Stationary Office, 1943: 64 pages, cover detached hence only 5.00

1424. : His Majesty's Submarines

HMSO, 1945: Very good contents, complete cover with sellotape on spine. 64 pages, no inscriptions 6.00

1420. : R.A.F. Middle East

HMSO, 1945: One of the scarcer HMSO titles, the official story of Air Operations in the Middle East from Feb 1942 to Jan 1943. Contents very good, cover complete but tatty, 144 pages 12.00

1423. : Roof Over Britain

HMSO, 1943: Official story of Britain's Anti-Aircraft Defences 1939-42, very good condition for age. 7.50

1426. : The Battle of Britain August - October 1940

HMSO, 1941: 32 pages, cover with tape spine, normal browning but marvellous account of the important World War 2 battle 5.00

267. Baybutt, Ron.: Colditz - The Great Escapes.

USA: Little, Brown & Co., 1982. First US Edition. Small tear on top of dust jacket, odd mark otherwise very good. 5.00

265. Brigadier Lindsell, W.G.: Military Organization and Administration.

Aldershot: Gale & Polden, 1936. 16th Edition from the Royal United Service Institution Library. Red cloth cover, 281 pages + ads. Pay lists for 1929 enclosed in rear folder pocket. Excellent insight. 18.00

278. Cook, Colonel Mark: Promise of Hope.

London: Hamish Hamilton, 1994. First Edition with foreword by Martin Bell. Colonel Cook was involved in the former Yugoslavia and this book is in excellent condition throughout, including dust jacket. Linked to BBC1 TV series ' Against All Odds '. 8.00

280. Dyer, Gwynne: War.

London: Guild Publishing, 1986. First Edition based on the TV series. 272 pages, no inscriptions and very good throughout including dust jacket. 8.00

1263. Hawks, Captain Ellison:: Britain's Wonderful Fighting Forces:

Odhams, 1940: Fascinating book from war time, 400 pages, blue cover, inscription, lots of interesting illustrations. 7.00

285. Hogg, Ian V: Modern Rifles, Shotguns & Pistols.

Bison Books, 1985. Large format, bright issue with many photos of weapons. Excellent condition throughout with dust jacket. 8.00

286. Hogg, Ian V: Modern Small Arms.

Bison Books, 1983. Large format, dust jacket worn, otherwise very good contents with many photos in 224 pages. 9.50

1247. Lord Russell: The Scourge of the Swastika:

Cassell, Oct 1954: History of the Nazi war crimes. Contents good with foxing, dramatic dust jacket with minor tears on spine, inscription, price unclipped. 5.00


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