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377. --------:     Various.

We have many other First Editions from the 20th Century and before, by many other authors. Also other First's from Adams, Archer, Christie, Dexter, Forsyth, Francis, Higgins, Innes, Kipling, Le Carre, P.D. James, Rendell, Rider Haggard, H.G.Wells & Waterhouse. Please send me list of wants and I will try to assist with sensible prices. 0.00

376. Adams, Richard: The Unbroken Web - Stories and Fables

New York: Crown, 1980. SIGNED First US Edition, foxing on endpapers, otherwise very good. Colour plates by Yvonne Gilbert. Lovely collectable book. 38.00

336. Archer, Jeffrey: A Twist in the Tale.

Hodder & Stoughton, 1988. First Edition with dust jacket in plastic cover. Very good throughout with no inscriptions. 6.00

337. Archer, Jeffrey: First Among Equals.

Hodder & Stoughton, 1984. First Edition with dust jacket. Fine condition throughout with no inscriptions. 6.00

383. Bagley, Desmond: Bahama Crisis.

London: Collins, 1980. First in very good condition, price unclipped & no inscriptions. 4.00

341. Bogarde, Dirk: A Postillion Struck By Lightning.

London: Chatto & Windus, 1977. First Edition ( 3rd impression ) of the actors' first autobiography, 268 pages in very good condition with no inscriptions. 12.00

361. Burroughs, Edgar Rice: Jungle Girl.

London: Odhams Press, 1933. Faded red cloth cover & foxing on this first edition from the author of Tarzan. 8.00

362. Carre le, John: The Russia House.

Hodder & Stoughton, 1989. 4th impression of the First Edition. Inscription inside & price clipped, otherwise very good including dust jacket. 5.00

333. Christie, Agatha: Sleeping Murder- Miss Marple's Last Case.    333.jpg (92866 bytes)

London: Collins Crime Club, 1976. First Edition in price clipped dust jacket . Dust jacket good, contents very good. 6.00

340. Cornwell, Patricia: From Potter's Field.

Little Brown and Co., 1995. First Edition in excellent order with no inscriptions. 340 pages and price unclipped. 9.00

379. Deighton, Len: Berlin Game.

Hutchinson, 1983. Spy story in dust jacket. Very good condition with no inscriptions. 7.00

651. Deighton, Len: Berlin Game.

Hutchinson, 1983. First Edition spy novel very good in good dust jacket. 7.00

367. Deighton, Len: Funeral in Berlin.

London: Jonathan Cape, 1964. Wear on dust jacket in plastic cover., rare first edition has no inscriptions & is price unclipped. 30.00

649. Deighton, Len: Goodbye Mickey Mouse.

Hutchinson, 1982. First Edition, very good throughout. Set in an American airbase in East Anglia during the 2nd World War. 7.00

652. Deighton, Len: Mamista.

New York: HarperCollins, 1991. First US edition, 410 pages in lovely condition. Set in jungles of South America. 6.00

650. Deighton, Len: Spy Story.

Jonathan Cape, 1974. First edition with dust jacket torn at top & bottom of spine. Inscription, contents good. 5.00

358. Dexter, Colin:  Dexter - Morse.jpg (230827 bytes)     Morse's Greatest Mystery and Other Stories.

London: Macmillan, 1993. SIGNED by the author, ' Every Best Wish ! ' . Collection of stories relating to the popular Oxford detective. Very good with dust jacket. Lovely present for fans of the series. 28.00


1519. Fleming, Ian: On Her Majesty's Secret Service

London; Jonathan Cape, 1964 This one is from 1964 ( 7th Impression ) and is very good throughout with no dustjacket, but very collectable as there are two autograph slips attached to inside - one is Sir Roger Moore and the other George Lazenby. Also SIGNED by Diana Rigg, who starred with Lazenby in the movie version. Unusual item from private collector. 395.00

1518. Fleming, Ian: The Spy Who Loved Me

London; jonathan Cape, 1965 This one is from 1965 ( 7th impression )and has unclipped ( 16s ) Richard Chopping designed dustjacket in very good condition. Contents lovely. This has been signed by Sir Roger Moore and is highly collectible. 395.00

1520. Fleming, Ian: You Only Live Twice

Jonathan Cape, April 1964 2nd impression with Richard Chopping dustjacket covered in a plastic cover for protection. Some spine wear, price unclipped ( 16s ), excellent contents. Although Connery made the movie, autograph page for Sir Roger Moore attached on title page making this a very collectable item. 450.00

355. Follett, Ken: The Man from St. Petersburg.

New York: William Morrow, 1982. First US Edition. Tatty at top of front of dust jacket, otherwise in good condition with no inscriptions. 5.00

368. Forbes, Colin: Avalanche Express.

London: Collins, 1977. Lovely clean issue, price clipped with no inscriptions. 7.00

349. Forsyth, Frederick: The Fourth Protocol.

Hutchinson, 1984. SIGNED by the man himself in 1999, this First Edition has a clipped, at top, endpaper and is generally very good. 28.00

1149. Francis, Dick: 10-lb Penalty:

London: Michael Joseph, 1997: Excellent Canadian First edition SIGNED by the author. 18.00

1148. Francis, Dick: Comeback:

London: Michael Joseph, 1991: Canadian First edition, very good SIGNED by the author. 18.00

1153. Francis, Dick: Field of 13:

London: Michael Joseph, 1998: Excellent Canadian First edition SIGNED by the author. 18.00

1151. Francis, Dick: Longshot:

London: Michael Joseph, 1990: Canadian First edition, very good SIGNED by the author. 18.00

1150. Francis, Dick: Shattered:

London: Michael Joseph, 2000: SIGNED Canadian First edition in excellent condition throughout. 18.00

1152. Francis, Dick: Straight:

London: Michael Joseph, 1989: Canadian First edition, very good issue SIGNED by the author. 18.00


901. Francis, Dick: Second Wind.

Michael Joseph, 1999. Excellent first edition SIGNED by the author. Price clipped, lovely collectable item. 22.00

900.     Francis, Dick:  Dick Francis.jpg (1185624 bytes)  To The Hilt.

Michael Joseph, 1996. Excellent first edition SIGNED by the author, price unclipped, lovely collectable item. 22.00

380. Gardiner, John: Madrigal.

Frederick Muller, 1967. Worn, but intact dust jacket, foxing on endpapers, otherwise good with no inscriptions & price unclipped. 8.00

381. Hailey, Arthur: The Money- Changers.

Michael Joseph, 1975. First UK Edition, 441 pages, very good with dust jacket, price unclipped & no inscriptions. 6.00

606. Herbert, James: The Ghosts of Sleath.

HarperCollins,1994. This is the unedited typescript, numbered 32 of only 500 copies and SIGNED by James Herbert. Rare and collectable. Very large , postage at cost. 95.00

1181. Higgins, Jack: Day of Reckoning:

Harper, 2000: First edition in excellent condition, no inscriptions & price unclipped. 6.00

1180. Higgins, Jack: Luciano's Luck:

New York; Stein & Day, 1981: US First edition, very good contents, dust jacket complete, but some minor wear, no inscriptions & price unclipped. 8.00

1182. Higgins, Jack: The President's Daughter:

London: Michael Joseph, 1997: Excellent condition First edition, price unclipped & no inscriptions 6.00

357. Higgins, Jack: Drink with the Devil.

London: Michael Joseph, 1996. Small tear on top of the back cover of the dust jacket, otherwise very good , price unclipped & no inscriptions in this First Edition thriller. 6.50

345. Higgins, Jack: Luciano's Luck.

London: Collins, 1981. First Edition set in Sicily during World War 2. Very good throughout with no inscriptions. 6.00

898. Innes, Hammond.: The Angry Mountain.

Collins, May 1951. Second impression, worn dust jacket, SIGNED by author, price unclipped. 25.00

382. King, Stephen: Rose Madder.

Hodder & Stoughton, 1995. First UK Edition. Very good throughout, 466 pages, price unclipped & no inscriptions. 9.00

370. King, Stephen: The Tommy- Knockers.

Hodder & Stoughton, 1988. First U.K. Edition from the hugely successful writer. Large book, 553 pages, spine covers bumped on corners, otherwise very good with price unclipped. 8.00

378. Mortimer, John: Clinging to the Wreckage.

London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1982. SIGNED by the creator of Rumpole. Faded green cloth, contents very good. 12.00

672. Wodehouse, P.G.: Performing Flea.    672.jpg (150912 bytes)

Herbert Jenkins, 1953. First with 2" at bottom of dust jacket missing. Price unclipped & no inscriptions, very good contents. This is autobiographical and is a collection of letters written to a friend over 30 year period. 35.00


626. P.G.Wodehouse: Spring Fever.

London: Herbert Jenkins, 1948. First printing with orange cover, foxing on page ends and name inside. hence priced to sell. 15.00

625. P.G Wodehouse: Summer Moonshine.

Herbert Jenkins, 1938. Red cloth in very good condition. Scarce issue, no dust jacket, 312 pages. 25.00

352. Puzo, Mario: Fools Die.

London: Heinemann, 1978. From the author of 'The Godfather', 474 pages, price unclipped, no inscriptions, generally good throughout with dust jacket. 9.00

1183. Theroux, Paul: The Old Patagonian Express - by Train through the Americas:

London: Hamish Hamilton, 1979: First edition, very good contents, worn but complete dust jacket, no inscriptions & price unclipped. 15.00


871. Thorpe, Thomas Bangs: The Hive of the Bee-Hunter.

New York: Appleton, 1854. First edition, worn spine with gilt decorations. Corners worn, foxing throughout, but unusual and fascinating book on ' Peculiar American Character, Scenery and Rural Sports', which include alligator killing and wild turkey hunting !!. 125.00

871. Thorpe, Thomas Bangs: The Hive of the Bee-Hunter.

New York: Appleton, 1854. First edition, worn spine with gilt decorations. Corners worn, foxing throughout, but unusual and fascinating book on ' Peculiar American Character, Scenery and Rural Sports', which include alligator killing and wild turkey hunting !!. 125.00

781. Twain, Mark: A Tramp Abroad.jpg (76072 bytes)    A Tramp Abroad.

London: Chatto & Windus, 1880. First one volume edition following the rare two volume edition by four months. Cherry red cover, 564 pages, plus adverts dated Oct 1880. Inscription, some cover wear, contents very good. 68.00

343. Ustinov, Peter: The Loser.

Heinemann, 1961. First edition of the first novel by the multi- talented Ustinov. Worn, but intact dust jacket, contents good with no inscriptions. 6.00

344. Waller, Robert James: The Bridges of Madison County.

New York: Warner Books, 1992. First US Edition of the book, later turned into a movie starring Meryl Streep & Clint Eastwood. Very good with dust jacket and inscription inside. 7.00

374. Waterhouse, Keith: In the Mood.

London; Michael Joseph, 1983. PROOF copy, 258 pages in soft back. 8.00

351. Waugh, Auberon: The Foxglove Saga.

London: Chapman & Hall, 1960. First novel, 240 pages, some foxing, dust jacket shows wear, but complete. Price unclipped with no inscriptions. 18.00

773. Wells, H.G.: The Sea Lady - A Tissue of Moonshine.

Methuen, 1902. First Edition with adverts at rear dated Oct. 1908. Red cloth, foxing, browning on edges. Priced to sell. 38.00

354. Wheatley, Dennis: To the Devil a Daughter.

London: Hutchinson, 1953. 1" tear at top of dust jacket on spine otherwise very good throughout with price unclipped and no inscriptions. 5.00

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