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1192. ----: Beatles :  Girl - song sheet:

Northern Songs, 1965: Original song sheet, priced 3s, name on cover, poor condition but still lovely piece of Beatles memorabilia only 5.00

1503. -: The Beatles Monthly Book No. 6:

Jan 1964 Lovely condition with small crease on corner of cover. 8.00

1385. : Beatles Monthly Book No. 7:

Feb 1964 Lovely early issue about the Fab four. 8.00

1386. : Beatles Monthly Book No. 9:

April 1964 Lovely issue from 1964 8.00

1387. : Beatles Monthly Book No. 10    1387.jpg (169568 bytes)

May 1964 Lovely issue of early Fab Four publication 8.00

1388. : Beatles Monthly Book No. 36

July 1966 Very good issue from mid- 60's 8.00

1187. Benson, Ross: Paul McCartney - Behind the Myth:

London: Gollancz, 1992: Paperback, worn cover, very good contents, 256 pages 4.00

1236. Cliff Richard: Me and my Shadows:

Daily Mirror, 1961: Lots of black & white photos, some foxing on endpapers otherwise very good , corners bumped, complete spine. This has autograph page inserted with autograph of Cliff Richard himself. 22.00

1078. ---: Cliff Richard's Top Pops:

Daily Mirror Ltd: 1963: Good contents, price unclipped & date on endpaper. Cover wear and 1/4" spine missing. Features on all the pop stars of the day, such as Elvis, Billy Fury, Chubby Checker & Cliff himself. 6.00

1189. Cosham, Ralph: The Beatles at Carnegie Hall:

London: Hamilton, 1964: Pictorial soft back, 60 black & white illustrations of the Beatles visit to New York in February 1964 - original collectable item. 18.00

1487. Geldof, Bob: Is That it ?

London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1986 First edition, very good throughout with dust jacket. Price clipped and SIGNED by the Boomtown Rat and Live Aid founder on 17th November 2005   25.00

1071. Henshaw, Lee:: Oasis:

Parragon Book Services Ltd: 1996: SIGNED by the band, Noel & Liam Gallagher, Guigsy, Bonehead & Alan White in different inks. Large soft back in excellent condition. Highly collectable item from the biggest band of the '90's. 75.00

1074. ---: Mirabelle Sunshine Pop Book 1975:

London: IPC: Glam rock features on Bowie, Bolan, Queen etc , very good throughout with no inscriptions but lots of bad fashion looks !. 10.00

1083. Moore, Jerrold Northrop:: Elgar on Record- The Composer and the Gramophone:

London: EMI Records, 1974: Scarce First Edition soft cover, very good throughout, 244 pages, no inscriptions. 15.00

1376. Simmons, Ken: Top Pop Stars

Purnell, 1968: Excellent contents, bright cover with some minor wear at top of complete spine. Articles and photos of all the classic 1960's bands and artists 9.00

1378. : Top Twenty

Purnell, 1965: Very interesting book with good contents, wear on cover, spine complete. Features on Beatles, Hollies. P.J. Proby etc 8.00

1377. --: Top Pop Stars

Purnell, 1966: Great book with very good contents. Features on Beatles, Stones, The Who, Tom Jones etc 9.00

1079. ---: Top of the Pops Annual 1975:

World Distributors: 1974: Very good contents, typical '70's cover, corners slightly bumped, features on all the glam rock artists of the day, plus Wings, Stones, Jimmy Saville etc. 5.00

218. : Disco 45 - 1978 Edition

Stafford, 1977. Features on Elton, McCartney, Quo, Rod Stewart etc with lots of dodgy fashions !. No inscriptions & price unclipped. 5.00

220. : Elvis Special 1979

World Distributors, 1978 Top 1/4" of spine tatty, inscription inside otherwise very good with lots of great colour plates. 6.00

210. : My Top Pop Book

Hamlyn, 1974 Spine slightly tatty, but intact. Large hardback, no inscriptions, features on Jackson's, Slade and other pop stars of the time. 5.00

228. : Paul McCartney World Tour programme

EMAP:1989 Clean & bright official prog. in English. Loads of photos and info on Macca & the band. 8.00

209. : Pelham Pop Annual

Pelham Books, 1970 Some foxing on end papers, otherwise very good with price unclipped & no inscriptions. Features on Beatles, Stones, Hollies, Cliff etc. Great book with Roger Daltry on cover. 12.00

203. : Pop Weekly Annual 1967

World Distributors, Top 2" & bottom 1/4" spine missing otherwise contents very good with no inscriptions. Features on Beatles, Stones, Elvis etc. 15.00

215. : Popswap Annual.

World Distributors, 1976 Good example with lots of colour plates. Features Abba, Faces, Elton etc. 5.00

585. : Rolling Stones.

Just in - masses of original 60's articles, clippings on the great rock group when they were young !. Please let us know if interested and we will prepare individual list. 0.00

230. : Spice Girls - Unofficial Special.

Grandreams: 1997 Totally 100 % unofficial book on the Spice Girls. Masses of colour photos and info on the five girls. 4.00

863. :    Teenbeat Annual 1965.    Teenbeat annual.jpg (221834 bytes)

World Distributors, 1964. Bright cover shows Beatles with articles on them, Stones, Hollies etc. Corners bumped, contents very good. 18.00

231. : The Beatles Complete.

Wise Publications, 1999 Soft back 195 pages, every songs words & music. Excellent condition, shows what a fantastic output from the Fab Four. 10.00

1531. --: The Monkees Annual

UK:Century 21, 1967 Large hardback in very good condition throughout, lots of colour photos and features from the '60's 18.00

1532. --: The Monkees Annual 1967

UK: Century 21, 1967 Large hardback with lots of colour photos and features, name & address inside, contents and cover very good 15.00

1534. ---: The Monkees Annual

UK: Century 21, 1969 Large hardback, price unclipped & no inscriptions. Loads of colour photos and features, brilliant example of 1960's fun from the wonderful Monkees 18.00

1533. ---: The Monkees Annual 1968

UK: Century 21, 1968 Large hardback subtitled - ' Whatever happened to Peter Tork ?' Lovely edition with masses of great photos and articles including DJ's of the time, such as Kenny Everett. No inscriptions and price unclipped. 18.00

1530. ---: The Monkees Television Picture Story Book

UK: P.B.S. Ltd, 1968 Lovely edition, 61 pages, hardback with 4 comic style stories, no inscriptions and price unclipped ( 4s11d ) only 20.00

1529. ----: The Monkees Comic Album No.1

London: World Distributors Ltd, 1968 Soft cover, first page loose, contents very good, no inscriptions, price unclipped. This is in comic strip form and is very unusual, only one I have seen. 15.00

204. : The Monkees Annual

Raybert Productions, 1967 Slight mark on back cover, some watermarks at bottom of pages, otherwise very good throughout with no inscriptions & price unclipped. Large hardback. 6.00

205. : The Monkees Annual

Raybert Productions, 1967 Inscription inside cover, small pen marks inside back cover, otherwise very good condition with price unclipped. 6.00

206. : The Monkees Annual.

Century 21,1968 Lovely example of large hardback featuring the US pop group. No inscriptions & price unclipped, very clean throughout. 10.00

219. : Top of the Pops Annual 1979

World Distributors, 1978 Very good throughout. with no inscriptions . Articles on Punk, McCartney, Thin Lizzy etc. 6.00

1186. Tremlett, George: The Paul McCartney Story:

Futura Publications, 1975 Worn paperback, contents good, 192 pages, no inscriptions 4.00

222. :    Trouser Press No.63    Trouser press.jpg (329107 bytes)

New York, 1981 Magazine with Rotten & Vicious caricatures on cover. Early U2 article inside along with Sex Pistols in the cinema. Very collectable issue from an American perspective. 15.00

1379. : Valentine Pop 69

Fleetway, 1969: Very good soft back, brilliant features and cartoons on all the rock/pop stars of the time - unusual 14.00

213. : West Coast Story

London :Hamlyn, 1977 Large blue cloth hardback. 96 pages on US music scene featuring Beach Boys, Doors, CSNY etc. 8.00

198. : Who's Who in Show Biz

Purnell, 1963 Spine tatty, but intact. Cover tatty, but contents good generally. Features early mention of The Beatles, also items on Cliff, Liz Taylor, Elvis & Billy Fury . 8.00

195. : Your Record Stars

London: Eldon Press, 1957 Dust jacket intact , slight tear at top with very good contents. Features Elvis, Bill Haley, Sinatra & Nat King Cole. 8.00

864. -----: Top Pop Stars

Purnell, 1962. Bright cover shows Cliff. Minor corner wear, contents very good, features on Elvis, Cliff, Adam Faith etc. 8.00

1069. Hand, Albert:: Pop Weekly and Teenbeat Annual 1971:

World Distributors: Contents mostly good, price unclipped & no inscriptions. 1" spine missing, great articles on Beatles, Who, Dylan, Elvis, Fleetwood Mac, Ska etc. 9.00

1064. Hand, Albert:: Pop Weekly Annual 1970:

World Distributors: Excellent issue, price unclipped & no inscriptions. Features on Elvis, Dusty, D.J.'s, Joe Cocker etc 12.00

1068. ---:: The Official Radio Luxembourg Book of Record Stars:

Souvenir Press, 1962: Tatty dust jacket shows record with photos of stars. Introduced by Frank Sinatra, contents worn but many interesting articles including Ray Charles, Billy Fury, Elvis, Alan Freeman etc. 12.00

1070. ---:: Top Pop Stars:

Purnell, 1969: Lovely issue with features on T-Rex, Hollies, Dylan etc 12.00

1066. ---:: Top Twenty:

Purnell, 1965: Very good issue, price unclipped & no inscriptions. Articles & photos on Beatles, Hollies, Cilla, Manfred's etc 12.00


224. Gaines, Steven: Heroes & Villains - The true story of the Beach Boys.

London : Macmillan, 1986 Clean dust jacket, contents good with no inscriptions. Fascinating insight into the Wilson family and legendary American group. 5.00

212. Harbinson, W.A.: The Illustrated Elvis,

New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1976 First US edition, soft back, 160 pages black & white pics. 10.00

221. Hopkins & Sugerman: No One Here Gets Out Alive- Jim Morrison.

London : Plexus, 1980 Soft back biography of Doors front man. Details full rock 'n' roll excess of one of rock's wild men. 5.00

699. Lennon, John: A Spaniard in the Works.

London: Jonathan Cape, 1965. First edition June 1965, this is the July reprint. Very good throughout, inscription in this second Lennon book of nonsense. 20.00

211. Marks, J.: Mick Jagger.

Abacus, 1974 Small soft back, 156 pages with black & white photos. Good reading copy from the '70,s. 4.00

217. Pascall, Jeremy: Paul McCartney & Wings.

Hamlyn, 1977 Large hardback with dust jacket. Lots of colour plates with no inscriptions. Some material on the Beatles side of his career. 9.00

223. Presley, Priscilla & Harmon, Sandra: Elvis & Me

The Leisure Circle, 1985 First Edition with tatty dust jacket, otherwise very good. Elvis Presley's wife's account of their life together. 5.00

207. Shaw, Arnold: Sinatra : A Biography

London : W.H.Allen, 1968 Cloth cover poor, contents good with inscription. Interesting titles of chapters on the legendary singer & actor !. 5.00

869. -----: Teenbeat Annual 1970.

World Distributors, 1969. Excellent issue, throughout with features/photos on all the pop greats, Beatles, Stones, Who, Hendrix and early Statu Qou etc. 12.00

584. Various: Beatles    beatles in sweden.jpg (873238 bytes)

I have numerous Beatles related material including original 60's brochures, records, song sheets etc. Please let me know interests and I will prepare individual list. 0.00

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