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1514. Bunyan, John: The Pigrim's Progress

London: The Religious Tract Society, 1861 Maroon cloth cover with gold lettering. Spine complete with 3" split on spine which has an illustrated design. Some foxing, inscription dated 1868. Colour plates throughout, reasonably priced only 15.00

1515. Defoe, Daniel: The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

London: S.O. Beeton, 1864 Green cloth, complete spine. Contents very good for age with many lovely illustrations. Inscription dated 1872. Classic work and this is a marvellous example. 38.00


350. Dickens, Charles: Dickens's Dictionary of Paris:

London: MacMillan & Co, 1882: Scarcest of the Dickens dictionaries, 276 pages, 12 adverts, couple of loose pages, normal browning for age, spine complete only 50.00

1516. Field-Marshall Count Helmuth Von Moltke: The Franco-German War of 1870-1

New York: Harper, 1892 Green cover, 432 pages, very good issue, inscription dated 1918. Complete map inside back cover. Only 25.00

1519. Fleming, Ian: On Her Majesty's Secret Service

London; Jonathan Cape, 1964 This one is from 1964 ( 7th Impression ) and is very good throughout with no dustjacket, but very collectable as there are two autograph slips attached to inside - one is Sir Roger Moore and the other George Lazenby. Also SIGNED by Diana Rigg, who starred with Lazenby in the movie version. Unusual item from private collector. 395.00

1518. Fleming, Ian: The Spy Who Loved Me

London; jonathan Cape, 1965 This one is from 1965 ( 7th impression )and has unclipped ( 16s ) Richard Chopping designed dustjacket in very good condition. Contents lovely. This has been signed by Sir Roger Moore and is highly collectible. 395.00

1520. Fleming, Ian: You Only Live Twice

Jonathan Cape, April 1964 2nd impression with Richard Chopping dustjacket covered in a plastic cover for protection. Some spine wear, price unclipped ( 16s ), excellent contents. Although Connery made the movie, autograph page for Sir Roger Moore attached on title page making this a very collectable item. 450.00

624. Frazer, James George: The Golden Bough.

Macmillan, 1922. ' A Study in Magic and Religion ' 756 pages, tatty blue cover, contents weird and wonderful !. 12.00

1367. Hall, Basil Captain:: Account of a Voyage of Discovery to the West Coast of Corea and the Great Loo-Choo Island  ( images available )

London: John Murray, 1818: First edition, 8 plates including 6 coloured, 5 engraved maps mainly folding, worn cloth, loose leaves at front. Marvellous account of expedition to little known East China Sea and the Yellow Sea. Visits were made to Korea and the Ryukyu Archipelago and this book is usually priced at 2-3000 here only  1250.00

1476. Lear, Edward: More Nonsense

Warne & Co., 1889: Third edition with worn red cloth cover gilt decorated. Endpapers foxed and browned, contents lovely with 104 wonderful illustrations 148.00

247. : Picturesque England : Its Landmarks & Historic Haunts.

London: Frederick Warne, 1894 Compiled by L. Valentine, features 140 wood engravings and full page coloured plates. 512 pages plus ads, red cloth cover frayed at edges, marked on back, but contents very good and a truly delightful book on England of the late Victorian age. 38.00

1373. Poe, Edgar Allan: Tales of Mystery & Imagination:

London: Daily Express, 1933: First edition, very good contents, tatty first page, , black cover with gilt spine 7.00

197. : Topper Book

London: John Leng & Co.,1957 Twenty -five squares, each containing a different character or object. Inscription inside, contents excellent for an early example of the Topper. 30.00

1193. ---: Rupert Annual 1958:

Beaverbrook: Lovely bright issue, some minor wear at foot of spine, price clipped, no inscriptions, colouring pages not done. Priced to sell. 38.00

821. ----: A Book of Old Ballads.

London: Hutchinson, 1934. Selected and introduced by Beverley Nichols and illustrated by H.M. Brock. Worn at ends, but generally lovely book with clean illustrations. 35.00

893. ----: Far Off Part 1 - Asia Described.

Hatchards, 1882. Small, gilt spine and cover. Fascinating chapters on India, China, Japan and Arabia. 550 pages, map complete, lovely book from a different age. 45.00

418. -----: More Rupert Adventures.

Daily Express, 1952. Annual with spine missing, bright cover shows Rupert in tree. Inscription inside, price unclipped, first story ' Rupert and the Mare's Nest ', contents lovely for year. 38.00

413. -----: Rupert Annual.

Daily Express, 1957. Clean cover, top 1/4" spine missing, odd crayon mark, painting puzzle done, inscription, price unclipped, contents generally good. 35.00

761. -----: Rupert and Snuffy - Adventure Series No.1.

Daily Express, Sept. 1948. Rare Rupert item with 2" back cover missing and corner of front cover missing. Contents very good with no inscriptions. 30.00

891. ------: The Indians of North America.

London: Religious Tract Society, c1860. Small, fascinating book with gilt on spine, edges and cover. Inscription, 296 pages, lovely item, priced to sell. 40.00

892. ------: Far Off Part 2 - Oceania, Africa and America.

Longmans, Green & Co., 1901. Small octavo, 650 pages, gilt decorated spine, 7 large coloured folding maps. Tear & some staining on endpapers, but amazing chapters from a different age. 35.00

784. ------: Princess Mary's Gift Book.

Hodder & Stoughton, 1914. Stories by J. M.Barrie, Conan Doyle, Kipling and Illustrations by Rackham & Dulac. Some browning, all illustrations clean and complete. 22.00

785. ------: Princess Mary's Gift Book.

Hodder & Stoughton, 1914. Stories by J.M.Barrie, Kipling, Conan Doyle and illustrations by Rackham and Dulac etc. Some foxing and browning on endpapers, illustrations clean and complete. 18.00

419. ------: Rupert.

Daily Express, 1957. Annual with top 1/4" spine missing, otherwise bright cover shows Rupert in air balloon. Inscription, price unclipped, some foxing, contents generally good with first story ' Rupert and the Crackerjack '. 35.00

417. ------: Rupert Annual.

Robinson, 1957. 1/2" bottom spine missing, corners bumped, cover shows Rupert in air balloon that has large spring fitted underneath. Paintings done, inscription, price unclipped and contents very good. 35.00

427. --------: Rupert Annual.

Robinson, 1957. Cover shows Rupert in air balloon. Bottom 1/4" spine missing, inscription, price unclipped, contents very good, painting puzzle done. 35.00

421. --------: Rupert Annual.

Beaverbrook Newspapers, 1961. Bright cover shows Rupert on a swing. Name & address inside, price unclipped, magic paintings done. Lovely issue of this Rupert annual. 48.00

608. --------: The War Illustrated.

1914-18. Twenty nine issues from the first world war period with 20 pages in each. In varying condition these are a very biased account of the conflict with fabulous black & white photos. Postage at cost. 30.00

376. Adams, Richard: The Unbroken Web - Stories and Fables

New York: Crown, 1980. SIGNED First US Edition, foxing on endpapers, otherwise very good. Colour plates by Yvonne Gilbert. Lovely collectable book. 38.00

681. Beavan, Arthur H: Animals I Have Known.

London: Fisher Unwin, 1905. Extremely rare first edition. Green cloth with school bookplate on endpapers. Animals from around the world featured in this small, collectable book. 65.00

842. Beeton, Mrs: Cookery Book.  wpe1.jpg (198095 bytes)

Ward Lock, 1910. Red cloth, small volume with 384 pages plus 5 adverts. Foxing,couple of pages taped. Great photos throughout, priced to sell. 18.00

823. Compiled by Mrs Aria: The May Book.

London: Macmillan & Co, 1901. First edition with decorative cloth. Interesting book with many different artists and authors contributing for the funds of Charing Cross Hospital. Corners bumped, foxing on endpapers, generally very good. 35.00

367. Deighton, Len: Funeral in Berlin.

London: Jonathan Cape, 1964. Wear on dust jacket in plastic cover., rare first edition has no inscriptions & is price unclipped. 30.00

276. Giles, Carl: No. 8 Annual.

Daily Express, 1953. Introduction by his wife, Joan Giles, these cartoons date from 1953 to 1954. Minor foxing on inside covers, but very good throughout with no inscriptions 32.00

1071. Henshaw, Lee:: Oasis:

Parragon Book Services Ltd: 1996: SIGNED by the band, Noel & Liam Gallagher, Guigsy, Bonehead & Alan White in different inks. Large soft back in excellent condition. Highly collectable item from the biggest band of the '90's. 75.00

402. Mary Tourtel: Rupert- Three stories of the Little Bear's Adventures.

Marks & Spencer, c1946. First story ' The Old Miser '. Worn cover shows bird cook hiding Rupert in copper cooker. Inscription & foxing, black and white drawings throughout not coloured. 45.00

403. Mary Tourtel: Rupert - Three stories of the Little Bear's Adventures.

Marks & Spencer, c1947. First story ' Rupert and the Magician's Umbrella' . Cover shows fox in tree, worn edges, spine repaired, black & white illustrations throughout with no inscriptions. 35.00

625. P.G Wodehouse: Summer Moonshine.

Herbert Jenkins, 1938. Red cloth in very good condition. Scarce issue, no dust jacket, 312 pages. 25.00

622. P. H. Ditchfield: The Manor Houses of England.

London: Batsford, 1910. First edition, 211 pages, foxing on endpapers, blue cloth cover. generally very good condition, attractive, well illustrated work. 40.00

673. Pasteur, Violet M: Gods and Heroes of Old Japan.

Kegan Paul, 1906. First Edition decorated by Ada Galton. Wear on pictorial cloth, contents very good. Wonderful book with 4 coloured plates & illustrations throughout. 135.00

187. Player, Gary: The Second Book of Gary Player's Golf Class

Sunday Express: 1969 Signed by the great man. Soft cover, price unclipped. Some wear, but a rare piece of golfing memorabilia. 35.00

1006. Standing, Percy Cross:: Cricket of To-Day and Yesterday:

London: Jack, 1902: Two volumes in one 1902 First Edition, 184 pages, gilt edges, 7 colour illustrations and 180 black & white illustrations. Browning on endpapers, inscription, 9" x 11", fascinating book, lovely black cover. Postage & Packaging at cost. 125.00

691. Stewart, J.L: Punjab Plants.

Lahore, 1869. Hand-book for the officers and residents in the Punjab. From the library of the Royal Colonial Institute. Endpaper detached, black cover worn at edges, 269 pages, marvellous insight into trees, shrubs and herbs of the region. Rare and unusual book. 45.00

871. Thorpe, Thomas Bangs: The Hive of the Bee-Hunter.

New York: Appleton, 1854. First edition, worn spine with gilt decorations. Corners worn, foxing throughout, but unusual and fascinating book on ' Peculiar American Character, Scenery and Rural Sports', which include alligator killing and wild turkey hunting !!. 125.00

1174. Watson, James: The Spirit of the Doctor:

Manchester: Cave, 1820: Blue board later cover containing book of many 'interesting poems' and memoir of Dr Watson. Browning throughout this fascinating book, owned by James Morrison M.P., and this was seen by Conan Doyle and inspired him to use the name for Sherlock Holmes' biographer. Rare item. 120.00

773. Wells, H.G.: The Sea Lady - A Tissue of Moonshine.

Methuen, 1902. First Edition with adverts at rear dated Oct. 1908. Red cloth, foxing, browning on edges. Priced to sell. 38.00

672. Wodehouse, P.G.: Performing Flea.    672.jpg (150912 bytes)

Herbert Jenkins, 1953. First with 2" at bottom of dust jacket missing. Price unclipped & no inscriptions, very good contents. This is autobiographical and is a collection of letters written to a friend over 30 year period. 35.00



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