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470. ------: Alias Smith and Jones Annual 1976.

World Distributors, 1975. First story ' A Fair Day's Pay '. Price clipped, very good contents with no inscriptions. 7.00

467. Angus Gordon.: Gene Autrey Stories No.. 4

Adprint, nd. First story ' Gene Autrey and the Chimney Climb '. Bright cover, small spine tear, contents excellent for time ( 1950's ). 6.00

485. Arthur Groom: Champion the Wonder Horse.

Purnell, 1958. Top 1/2" spine minor tear, otherwise very good for year with no inscriptions and price unclipped. 4.00

481. Arthur Groom: Champion the Wonder Horse.

Purnell, 1957. Very good issue with corners bumped, no inscriptions and price unclipped. First story ' Black Thunder'  5.00

445. Arthur Groom.: The Wild West Book.

Birn Brothers Ltd: London. First story ' The Snorting Monster '. Corners bumped, contents very good with no inscriptions. 6.00

506. ----: Ben Bowie & his Mountain Men.

World Distributors, 1954. Comic, No.8, pen marks on cover, contents very good. 5.00

1392. : Billy the Kid Western Annual

World Distributors, 1957: First story ' A Man called Wyatt Earp'. Bright cover, spine half missing, price unclipped, contents very good. 9.00

1399. : Bobby Benson's B-Bar-B Riders No. 1:

USA, AC Comics, 1990 Print run of less than 300 copies, very good issue 3.25

1391. : Bronco Layne Annual:

World Distributors, 1959 First story ' Home from the Hunt'. Very good contents, no inscriptions, 3" of spine missing, bright cover 6.00

1396. Brand, Max: The Long Chance

US Forces edition, 1941: Small edition to fit into the pocket of WW2 American GI's. Lovely little item 8.00

1217. --: Bronco Layne Annual :

World Distributors Ltd, 1959: Tatty cover and spine, but complete and contents very good with one loose page, no inscriptions, first story ' Dishonour among Thieves'. 6.00

1228. --: Bronco Layne Annual:

1st story ' Tomahawk Hayride', first page missing, tatty cover & spine, good reading copy . Priced due to condition at only 5.00

1232. ---: Champion The Wonder Horse Comic Annual    1232.jpg (273919 bytes)

World Distributors Ltd, 1952: Very good contents, loose pages at rear, 1st story ' The Owl Ridge Owlhoots' , cover bright, tatty spine, no inscriptions & price unclipped. 7.00

505. -----: Champion the Wonder Horse.

Young World, 1964. Comic No.15 in very good condition. 3.00

1225. --: Gunsmoke Annual:

World Distributors Ltd, 1963: Very good contents for age, tatty cover, spine hanging off, price unclipped & no inscriptions. Due to condition priced at only 5.00

1224. --: Gunsmoke Annual:

World Distributors Ltd, 1963: Cover shows James Arness, tatty spine, 1/2" missing, 1st page missing, 1st story ' The Silver Arrow' , contents good. Due to condition priced at only 5.00


447. ------: Gunsmoke Annual 1975.

World Distributors, 1974. First story ' The Guilty One '. Lovely condition, based on BBC series. 8.00

1352. Holling C. Holling: The Book of Cowboys:

New York, Platt & Munk Co., 1936: USA edition, 126 pages, 6 colour plates, contents very good for age, red cover, inscription, illustrated by H. C. and Lucille Holling 12.00

460. ------: Maverick Annual.

Grandreams, 1981. First story ' Miss Fortune's Losing Hand '. Lovely issue. 6.00

1219. McNeil, Andrew: Battlegame Book 1 - The Wild West:

Usborne Publishing, 1975: Large format, unusual book with good items on Cowboys and Indians. Four games inside but pieces not included. 18.00

1390. Parkinson, Michael & Jeavons, Clyde: A Pictorial History of Westerns

Hamlyn, 1972: Large hardback, great photos, some colour, price unclipped & no inscriptions. Co-written by 'Parky'. 9.00

1395. : Tales of Wells Fargo Annual

World Distributors, 1960 First story ' Gunfight at Powder Creek'. one loose page, price unclipped & no inscriptions, spine tatty at top & bottom 5.00

501. : Thrilling Western

Atlas, Feb. 1956. Comic vol 8, No. 2 ( British Edition ). Some wear on cover , contents clean. 3.00


509. ------: Tomahawk comic No. 18.

British Edition, 1954. Usual wear & tear on cover but contents very good for a comic from the period. 4.00

508. -------: Tomahawk comic.

British Edition, 1954. Price stamp on cover, some parts coloured in, hence cheap price. 2.50

1381. Nesbit, Troy: Wagon Train : The Danny Green Story

World Distributors, 1959: Authorised edition, very good contents with scarce dust jacket, normal wear, colourful cover, price (5s ) unclipped & no inscriptions 11.00

1400. : Western Comics No. 14:

New York, National Comics Publications, 1950: Issue from April/May 1950, crayon marks on puzzle page. First story is 'Rodeo Rick', cover wear but front cover looks great 9.00



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